Why Fire Door Regulations Impose Routine Inspection

Why is it necessary to conduct regular inspection of door sets that are called fire-worthy? Fire doors are subjected to regular inspection according to fire door regulations so that they will work well should they be required to function during a fire disaster. As fire is always inevitable, the door must be well-cared-for and all precautionary measures be applied to it.

These doors are checked by certified inspectors which can be a third-party and not necessarily from the people who are implementing the building code. As doors of this type are examined in all aspects, the inspectors also recommend either repair or replacement of the unit with issues. The personnel who will do the inspections come from a firm that is licensed by the governing body and is insured as well.

Some issues of these doors may be fixed during the actual inspection and will be logged for documentation purposes. Thus, when the supplier of fire doors is also a licensed inspector, building managers and homeowners have something of great advantage for them since they do not need to look for another company that will do the inspections. fire door regulations uk

Most fire-resistant doors are in quality condition when they are first bought but due to the heavy usage of some of these doors, problems can occur. This is especially true with a fire door installed in a location with heavy traffic such as in hospitals and schools. There are instances that seals may be broken or missing or the door loses its label. This is a non-compliance condition based on the standards of fire door regulations so the door will either be repaired or replaced, depending on its state. Other common issues are tarnishing, missing labels, missing seals, non-capable of latching and missing gasket. It would be necessary to have these issues solved before they get out of hand and affect the function of the whole door set.

Some doors can be altered by their owners which can affect their functions and render them non-compliant as well. Frequently, a fire-proof door is utilized like any other door and thus, is subject to the daily wear and tear due to its constant opening and closing motions. The inspector can detect if the changes in the door can be a result of its use or the surroundings. Since continuous use may cause misalignment, and would later would eventually malfunction when in the event of an actual fire.

Maintenance of these doors is imperative and considered vital to keep with fire door specifications, given their very crucial role in fire situations. It is also possible to get full maintenance repairs or even a full replacement of metal components like the door frames, hinges as well as the striker plates which your door inspector may provide as a service.

All routine inspections are recorded to provide the door’s history to the people who check for fire door specifications compliance. If you do not know how this works, you can talk to a fire door supplier in your area about the inspections done to installed units and the frequency of inspections that are done to the units.


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