Customer Service Training – Crucial to Organisational Success?

Customers-service training is targeted towards improving communication skills and understanding different styles of communicating. Possessing good customers service skills is crucial to attaining a positive organisational image and therefore a loyal customer’s base. Dealing with customers in a friendly and polite manner can actually help generate repeat business and recommendations. Customer-service employees are the face of the company. These employees have the special opportunity of directly interacting with the customer’s on a face to face basis and promoting or representing all that the company stands for. How successful they are on their job is dependent on the service skills they possess.

The way in which a service employee has dealt with the customer’s determines whether or not the customer’s will come back to the company for a repeat service or purchase. This is where the importance of customer-service training crops up. A typical course in customer’s service training will teach students what the customers actually wants and doesn’t want. It also highlights common errors committed by a customer-service employee and the impact it has on the reputation of the company and therefore the business. It also highlights the importance of having a positive appearance, approach to one’s job and the importance of greeting the customers with a smile. Courses in service training are available all over the world. Normally, a course in customers training would teach the following topics:

1. Quality customer-service

2. The importance of customer-service

3. Expectations of the customers

4. Making customer-service a part of organisation culture

5. First impressions/critical service moments

6. Face-to-face and telephone/mail/email contact

7. Handling complaints and difficult customers

8. How to measure customer’s satisfaction

9. The importance of customer’s retention

10. Service standards and professionalism

11. Communication types and processes

12. Attitudes and people’s perceptions

13. Satisfaction, self-esteem and accomplishment

14. Systems, processes and procedures

15. Service versus care concepts

16. 100% quality delivery – getting the basics consistently right

17. Internal and external customers

Beacon Consulting is an organisation that trains people in the essentials of service quality. Not only does this programme aim to teach candidates specific skills but encourages them to develop a mindset that is needed to provide good service to a customer’s.

Customer’s Focus is an organisation which specializes in providing service training and tries to meet world class standards in service, quality and cost control. Some of the programs offered by Focus are:

  • Creating CEOs’ is a training program targeted towards front line personnel. It also trains employees to build a culture of customer-focus within an organisation which leads to customer loyalty. types of organisational culture
  • ‘Patient Satisfaction Skills’ is a training programme targeted towards improving service skills in the healthcare industry.
  • ‘The Patient’s Voice’ is another programme which aims to achieve patient-centred healthcare with the help of collaboration between patients and their care givers.


Customer’s service training is also provided at Service Quality Institute where the training programme aims to change attitudes and behaviours to better service performance.


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